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This is a one-on-one mentorship self-paced program that will change your life by implementing healthy routines into your day-to-day life and improving your digestion and immunity.

Students can be mentored in person or online. Full access to live and recorded webinars on Ayurveda topics.

Your Tuition Includes:
  • Initial consultation: consist of understanding your body and mind constitution and the root cause of any imbalances. 
  • Understanding where you are in the journey of your life, what makes you unique, what are your goals, desires and challenges. You will receive a personal treatment plan for implementing the daily Ayurvedic self care rituals. (2 hrs)
  • 5 mentor meetings: to track your progress in your personal treatment plan, providing support and resources to overcome any challenges. (1hr each)

Tools To Calm & Empower The Mind
  • Access to the daily online live or recorded Pranayama meditation and yoga classes (Kundalini, beginners yoga, Vinyasa, intermediate yoga classes)
  • 1 Yoga Nidra session
  • Introduction to cultivating a meditation practice and creating your sacred space.
  • Introduction in Ayurvedic Psychology (satva, rajas, tamas): assessment of the state of mind, understanding and assessing the quality of your thoughts and emotions and how they relate to your environment and diet.

Tools To Understand The Unique Needs Of Your Body
  • Introduction to daily Ayurvedic self care rituals
  • Introduction to Dosha: learning about your inherent tendencies, challenges, strengths and what makes you unique.
  • Introduction to Vegas: understanding what to do with the body’s natural urges.
  • Introduction to Abhyanga: self massage 
  • Introduction to oil pulling
  • Introduction to tongue scraping

Turning Your Kitchen Into A Pharmacy
  • Introduction to food as medicine: understanding what you need to incorporate in your daily diet to stay balanced.
  • Ayurvedic recipes: khichdi and mung soup
  • Introduction to teas and cool infusions
  • Introduction to millets: grasses/cereal grains
  • Introduction to improving the gut: fermenting millets

Body Therapies 
  • 3 Ayurvedic Body Therapies Sessions.
  • This consists of ancient therapeutic techniques that deeply rejuvenate the body, alleviating the stresses of daily life as well as accumulated trauma and imbalances. As the body and mind have their own innate healing intelligence, the state of deep relaxation supported by these therapies allow for that healing to take place at a profound level.

Therapies include: Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Svedan, Marma, Specific Bastis, etc.


How Long Is The Ayurveda Foundation Mentorship Program?
Since it is a self paced mentorship program it depends on you and your health. You can complete it in 2 – 6 months.

What If I Don’t Want To Become A Practitioner, I Rather Just Improve My Health?
The Ayurveda Foundation Mentorship Program is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their health or take better care of their family. You will learn through practicing Ayurvedic principles with the support of an Ayurvedic doctor; you will witness the transformation in your own mind and body; while understanding the science behind Ayurveda.

What Is The Difference Between Getting A Consult And The Ayurveda Foundation Mentorship Program?
You will get so much MORE! The Ayurveda Foundation Mentorship Program consists of Mentorship, Tools to calm and empower the mind, Tools to understand the unique needs of your body, Turning your kitchen into a pharmacy, and Body Therapies.

Who Will Teach Me?
The initial consultation and mentorship will be with an Ayurvedic doctor and/or Ayurvedic Health counselors of IAM

The body therapies will be done by licensed massage therapists that are also trained in all Ayurvedic body therapies.

The webinars will be taught by IAM faculty in Orange County California or online

COST: $1500  Click here to ENROLL

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