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Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio:  505 W 1st Street, Tustin, CA 92780    714.617.4593.  [email protected]
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Daily Yoga play time let's your child have tons of fun while improving flexibility, balance, and mindfulness. Join Kara for a story guided flow that your kids will love! This unique "play-shop" blends the magic of storytelling with movement-based yoga, creating a delightful experience for kiddos. 🧘‍♂️ What to Expect: Embark on a journey of imagination and movement designed to enhance flexibility, focus, posture, and the art of calming down. This workshop is not just about yoga poses; it's a storytelling adventure where kids can explore the wonders of their bodies and minds.  Limited spots - click HERE to purchase a pass
Join us with your loved one for some special Valentines day. These chasses are part of our regular schedule but modified for this special day. Limited spots so please register early.

Click HERE to go to our schedule and save a spot
Challenge your mind and body with Cassie's Aerial Yoga class. A fun exploration of experimental physics combining yoga foundations with a gymnastics edge and meditation. Each class is sure to ignite your inner art of play. Classes are accessible to All Levels. The hammock helps assist postures as a prop or can be used to deepen your practice - the choice is yours.

This class is part of our regular schedule where we accept any Yoga pass that you may have - Click HERE to go to our schedule and save a spot

Daily Past Life Regression is an effective method for recalling one of your past lives, offering the exploration into the realms or our multidimensional existence, including past or future lives. Mayra is a leader in the Past Life Regression Therapy modality, having regressed thousands of global clients over the last 24 years. She has learned from past leaders such as Dr. Brian Weiss & Dolores Cannon. 
Please arrive with comfort in mind. Bring a pillow, blanket and whatever support you need for your back as you will be laying down for most of the session.  Limited spots - click HERE to purchase a pass.
Experience the wonderful gift of Reiki to remove your energy blocks, heal and attract more positive things in your life. If you have never experienced Reiki before, this is a great way to experience Reiki in a group setting in a safe and supportive environment.

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Welcome to this unique class that incorporated Aerial Yoga with a Soundbath. While immersing in the sound bath, our practice starts with fully emerging yourself in your aerial hammock cocoon, centering and connecting to breath. After setting an intention we start with slow movement getting familiar with the hammock and transition into grounding poses, circling and stabilizing movements. After warming up class with flow through poses, flying asanas and sun salutations all with the aerial yoga hammock building upper body and core strength. 

Just 6 spots available - reserve early to avoid disappointment.  
A special class for women - join us for a two 2 hour workshop where you will be guided through a tantric breathwork meditation, stretching, and dynamic movement combinations to tap into your natural rhythmic flow and divine feminine energy. Followed by taught choreography and open discussion. Please bring water and wear comfortable athletic clothing.

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A Enjoy a fun and dynamic Sunday morning vinyasa flow! The perfect way to start your St. Patty's day. Wear GREEN!  This is a special event for St Pattys Day.  Click here to reserve.

This workshop includes 90 minutes of practice followed by a discussion. Each student will fill out an intake form before the workshop. The practice will be customized to address the common condition of the group, as well as its precaution and modification of the yoga postures. Based on the panchamaya (yoga therapy assessment model), the practice will address other koshas (layers of the body) besides the physical body, including the emotional body, energy body, wisdom body, and bliss body. Aromatherapy will be utilized to promote a calming and relaxing environment..  Limited sport - click HERE to reserve.

Reiki is energy healing that is safe, non invasive, simple, and spiritual. It strengthens intuition and body’s own intelligence to heal. Patients often report feeling more relaxed, clear and comforted. 
Anyone can learn Reiki for self-healing or creating a spiritual practice that deepens meditation and for exploring the workings of energy. Those who want to be healers will need to take and be attuned to Reiki 1 and 2.

Click here to register & find out more.
Our students are beginning to apply their training in a collaborative clinical environment and we are offering a personalized health consult from an Ayurvedic perspective at NO COST!

Under Dr. Patel’s guidance, our students will make recommendations for specific routines, habits, activities, diets and foods that may help you improve your health.  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Please CLICK HERE us to register at and pick your appointment time slot at the IAM website (Limited slots available).
In this Sound Bath class, listeners lay comfortably on a mat, blanket or other cushioned surface and relax as they listen to a succession of instruments that are designed to ignite an inner journey. The different sounds help to move listeners in to a relaxed state as the harmonic, coherent frequencies move through their bodies and through each and every cell. Please bring your own yoga mat & blanket.

Regular Admission $45 ( early bird $40). Click HERE to purchase a pass