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This program investigates the historical and philosophical roots of Ayurveda from ancient Vedic times to current practice.  It is open to all as a lifestyle immersion into the Ayurvedic view of life, health, and healing. Learn the fundamentals of nutrition and well-being for family, friends and community. Open to anyone interested in a living practice of Ayurveda and a long healthy life

Ayurveda is a spiritual science based on Sankhya and Vedic philosophies that provide the framework for understanding the nature of the universe and health. This weaves physical, emotional and spirituality into a precise science of health and wellness that can create harmony in every aspect of life. The concepts, principles, understanding of health and disease will be presented with a series of lectures and discussions. Sanskrit terminology will be introduced along with Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology. There will be a quiz at the end of every topic to assess students’ knowledge of the concepts.

Supplementing the academic studies, there will be webinars to teach the practical aspects of Ayurveda as a living science. Students will work at their pace in integrating the self-care practices and documenting their progress in their personal workbook so that they can speak from experience about the benefits of Ayurveda. Interest in Ayurveda is growing immensely and with a strong understanding of what this science is about, Ayurvedic Health Educators will be able to teach in the community with confidence and conviction.

Learning Objectives
  • Students will teach the history and foundation of Ayurveda in the community.
  • Students will be able to teach the Ayurveda module in yoga teacher training programs.
  • Students will be able to write in magazines and online blogs to bring more awareness about Ayurveda to the general public.
  • Students will educate others how disease is caused and how healing can be supported so that they are inspired to take greater responsibility for their own health.
  • Students will be able to teach in a wide variety of settings the concepts of Ayurveda.
  • Students will be able teach others about the importance of the qualities and elements that contribute to our psycho/physiological personality.
  • Students will be able to teach others how these qualities and elements are increased or balanced.

The Ayurveda Health Educator program will be taught both in person and on Zoom

COST: $2000 + $250 Registration.   Click here to ENROLL

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