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The Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio  505 W 1st Street, Tustin, CA 92780    714.617.4593.  [email protected]
Read about what our clients have to say about our Yoga, Ayurveda, Panchkarma and other healing that we offer at the SANCTUARY.
The best studio I have been to! A relaxing atmosphere with instructors who work with you and push you to your best. My class with Tony was challenging and exactly what I was looking for; left the studio feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I would recommend The Sanctuary to anyone looking to start or enhance their practice. Great for all levels.
Moe D, June 2015
My daughter and I did our first reiki session with Brandon. We didn't know what to expect, but Brandon is so kind and explained everything to us. We both left feeling so positive and relaxed. We will certainly see Brandon again.

Lori T Sept 2015
I am new to the Reiki healing concept and wasn't sure what to expect but Brandon talked me through the whole process. He asked good questions to get to the heart of why I was there.
I feel so much better. He is so wise , kind and you can really feel his positive and loving energy. I highly recommend him.
Kim A. August 2015
This yoga studio is a gem. I have really enjoyed classes with Sydney and Mona. These ladies are amazing instructors and are conscientious and sensitive to your practice and yoga experience. I highly recommend trying it out with Groupon. I love the relaxing atmosphere.
JK, May 2015
I had an amazing Abhyanga, Shirdohara, and Steam treatment with Shari! It was my first time and I thoroughly enjoyed the two and a half hour experience! She put me in a state of complete bliss and I would definitely recommend her!

Traci T, May 2015
I As a newbie to yoga I can honestly say I've had nothing, but great experiences in Tony's classes. I am still very new to yoga and although I had dabbled a bit in the past with a couple classes here and there or home yoga videos, I never really gained a true appreciation until having taken Tony's class. I never really understood what the "hype" was about, but now I've come to really enjoy it. I always feel physically, mentally, and spiritually refreshed post class. I highly recommend checking this place out and taking a class with Tony, no matter what your experience level is. He does a great job making sure not to push you beyond what you're comfortable with while still encouraging and motivating you to continue to challenge yourself. So if you're even just a LITTLE bit curious about yoga I suggest you give it a shot. You'll be glad you did!

Phoebe G. May 2015
I go to the noon yoga classes (12:15-1:15). You can try different styles of yoga, depending on the day you go. This is the best time to go if you can because there are few students, and this is almost like a private lesson. The teachers are great, especially J.J. on Tuesdays. It helped my back a lot. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed, a true "yoga" atmosphere.
Marie L., February 2015
If I were to describe my experience at the Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio in a few words, they would be, "Absolutely, THE most wonderful gift I could ever give myself". First of all, the place truly feels like a sanctuary, a very sacred place. There is a peaceful and positive vibe there. This vibe is generated not only by the physical space but by the great staff, and MOST of all by Ajita, the owner. The staff, from front office, to yoga instructors, to massage therapists are ALL wonderful. They make the experience pleasant with their courtesy, attentiveness, expertise, and just by the sheer fact that they are good human beings! I spent a week at the Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio undergoing an intensive Ayurvedic treatment with Ajita, a truly gifted Ayurvedic practitioner and VERY special lady! The multiple treatments that I received, the wisdom that was imparted, and the practical skills that I gained have made me a healthier, happier, and more spiritually connected person. The Sanctuary is an amazing place with amazing people. I cannot give it enough praise!

Julianna Q, January  2015

If I attended lunchtime intermediate power yoga class today. Michele Silverman, the yoga teacher is one of the best power yoga instructors I have come across. She made sure to give enough rest (child pose) between the strenuous asanas during the 60-minute class.

Most of the time in Sanctuary, it feels like a private yoga class.The classes are small and the ambience is beautiful.

The down side for me is that I cannot snore during shavasana !

Hans G. , March 2015
Don't we all go through lots of stress every day. I am full time employee and mother of two , probably this itself is a good explanation.

When I went in To this place , I thought I was normal. After the massage was when I realized what is normal. The oil head massage in the hands of an expert like Ajita not only relived my tension but made me relax with such easiness .

The foot massage gave me such energy that I could not believe . I would definitely recommend people like me to try and find the change in them at this great , calming place in Tustin from ambience , customer service , soothing music and great herbal tea.
Shashi, September 2015   
Thanks again for setting up the session, coming into work tonight I was the calmest I had been in years. I will be busy the next three days for work, but Monday morning I would definitely like to call in and set up a session. I've put my body through a lot in the years of the military, which adds to the mental and emotional cost of deployment. I was thinking of starting with a full message, and also learning more about ayurveda practices
JL May 2016
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Come try yoga at the Sanctuary. It is a very cozy place and you are going to love it! – Melissa

I have been practicing yoga for nine years and it has helped me reduce stress and increase my flexibility – Michael

Yoga is a wonderful way to relax the mind and the body. It has helped me balance my stressful life – Lydia

Yoga at The Sanctuary is unlike any other. The teachers are very experienced and I especially like Linda’s, Tony’s, and Ruth’s classes – Matthew
All the teachers at The Sanctuary are amazing! They are so gentle and adapt to the needs of the students. This is a safe and comfortable space to practice yoga. - Julie

The Sanctuary is like a second home to me. From yoga to massage it offers a variety of modalities and I could not ask for a better place to reduce stress and anxiety. – Mary

My experience with Ajita was both insightful and refreshing. She conveyed an incredible blend of emphasizing approaches centered on Ayurveda & natural healing while still remaining grounded on the importance of allopathic medicine. I strongly resonate with how optimal health can be attained through balancing doshas and nurturing the healing capacities of our bodies. I presented her with the vast array of symptoms I’m afflicted with, and she very thoroughly explained how new habits and Ayurvedic adaptations/therapies can tackle the root cause of these illnesses. I especially appreciated her explanation of pranayams and how they can cure many diseases, and I look forward to continuing this discussion on how I can fully adopt various pranayams into my daily routine in order to maximally benefit from their powers and completely eliminate the many symptoms my body is continually experiencing. Furthermore, I felt great relief from being able to be honest with her about my identity, and her advice on handling my parents was heatwarming and applicable.

Because I’m starting medical school very soon, my afflictions definitely need urgent attention, and it was great how she gave a rich list of new habits I will need to implement in order to experience relief. However, I am appreciative of the golden words of advice she shared with me. I’ve made a new goal to ultimately wean myself from my medication and instead base my life on natural approaches towards healing and vibrancy. Ajita conveyed a palpable message of how health should be about more than just surviving but also thriving and attaining the true essence of who we are. I strongly desire these changes I need to make in my life in order to truly heal. Overall, Ajita not only cherished my health, but validated my potential as a future healer as well. ~ U.K., January 2017
I made the decision to study Ayurveda because of the impact it had made in my life. Being a psychologist, I wanted to share the healing that I had experienced through Ayurveda with my patients.

I researched many schools and Niramaya won hands down. Not only was I learning the basic foundations, but I was getting hands on training and face to face in class education.
Niramaya not only reaches you the basic foundation about healthy lifestyle and diet, but you learn the underlying theoretical understanding of what Ayurveda truly is.

Graduating through Niramaya, you will be more than prepared to educate others on healthy lifestyle, but you will learn how to spiritually help others transform their lives.

Hands down, Niramaya surpasses all other Ayurvedic schools.

Dr E.J Nov 2017
I Ayurveda called my name in a series of events that led me to The Sanctuary. As a yoga teacher/practioner, I had touched upon this sister science of yoga in my studies. Yet, I was unprepared for the transformation both physically, spiritually and mentally that I was about to encounter.

By following a daily practice of cleansing my body with constant consciousness and consistency, I found deeper wounds and fresh sources of repairing those hurts. By attending the Ayurveda classes brought by the excellent and ever expanding staff, I discovered fascinating fellow seekers of truth I treasure. By finding sacred space, I learned to have compassion for self. In short, the Ayurveda course at The Sanctuary headed by founder, owner and instructor, Ajita Patel, improved my understanding of healing.

Not only has Ayurveda elevated my intellect, spirit and perception, but my dentist and eye doctor can attest to my oral and optical "miracle-like" improvements in a matter of weeks.

CJ Nov 2017