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The Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio  505 W 1st Street, Tustin, CA 92780    714.617.4593.  [email protected]
I just wanted to let you know how good I felt today after first part pf the PK treatment plan. Especially Shirodhara followed by Abhyanga Massage therapy.

I want to thank both Qsha and Casey for their efforts to put me at ease as they did a really marvellous job in making me go through. This reminded me of my similar treatment exposure at a Kerala AYurvedic cnter in Pune India earlier in January this year. Your team did perform the entire procedure in a well coordinated and a far superior manner to make it a enjoyable experience for me. Keep up the good work. I am now looking forward to continue with the rest of P-K plan on my return on June 2nd.

Once again many thanks you for all your help and for the good work performed by all your team members.

A.G. May 2014
Kind Words from 2014!
​Sanctuary Yoga was my go-to yoga studio when I was working in Tustin. It is soothing places and very welcoming. I found the class variety appealing - some classes were more about relaxing and rejuvenating, but if you wanted a more advanced workout session, there are options for that too. This is a great place if you're curious about yoga or maybe a little intimidated by other studios. Everyone I met there was super kind and friendly. 

I've had several of their Ayurveda treatments as well, each experience was a good one. My favorite is the steam tent, which maybe not be ideal for everyone, but for me it was exactly what I needed to clear out a lingering winter cold. Go see the good folks at Sanctuary, they are a delight.

T.E. Mar 2014
I took my first yoga class at Sanctuary couple of days ago. You have a five star studio. I got lucky to take Genen's class. She exudes with spirituality, compassion and knowledge... HG

H.G. Sept 2014
I must say i was very pleasantly surprised about this place. My review is for the prenatal class with Lauren Horn that I'm attending. She is great!

Yoga is helping me a lot during pregnancy, and Lauren's class is neither too hard or easy, its just right. I would highly recommend her classes and The sanctuary environment helps create a pleasant relaxing mood.
L.H. Aug 2014
I love the energy of this place... You walk in and you're instantly distressed! I love taking Mona's classes on Wednesday nights. She is so positive and had a beautiful soul :) She also really helps you feel comfortable with your poses and gave me an amazing adjustment! I would recommend this place to anyone wanting to do yoga for physical exercise and for spiritual healing as well.
Sharon O.,  Dec 2014

Oh I am sooo very happy to have found this place! After a recent cheapie massage that left me feeling knotty, I felt like I needed to do something to get myself centered again. I stumbled upon this place because they had a Sunday morning class that happened to fit into my lazy sleeping-in on the weekend routine. I've since been to 5 classes in the past three days which have more than paid for my $30 two-week unlimited newbie membership (seriously, the best deal ever). Here's a run-down of the teachers I've been so lucky to come across:

Misa: first teacher I met, so warm and welcoming, I instantly felt comfortable in her class.
Stephanie: gives really great feedback and awesome modifications that make me feel like Im really getting the very best out of each pose. Her classes move along at a nice pace and its a solid workout first thing in the morning
Casey: amazing bubbly energy. although the class I took was comprised long, slow stretches, I felt great afterwards as I was able to finally stretch out my shoulders after many, many chaturangas over the past few days
Colleen: I had the great fortune of being the sole student in her restorative class tonight. If you've never done a restorative class (like I hadn't) you haaaave to come see what its all about. I've never ever felt so cozy and relaxed in a studio before and Colleen really took the time to explain why each pose was helpful. 

Even the woman at the front desk (I didn't catch her name :( ) was so kind, and gave me a tour of the entire facility when I arrived early. (side note: They offer sooo many healing services)

I've been doing two classes per day because they happen to fit into my currently unemployed schedule and now I'm totally hooked. I've actually started scheduling job interviews around my yoga class schedule.

Melissa T, Mar 2014
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