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The Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio  505 W 1st Street, Tustin, CA 92780    714.617.4593.  [email protected]
Kind words from 2013 and prior years.  Thank you for your support!
​Had the pleasure of attending a Saturday morning Yoga Basics with instructor Calli. The practice was a great start to my Saturday and Calli skillfully navigated the practice to my level. Highly recommended.
​D. March 2013
​For my birthday I received a Gift Certificate for The Sanctuary Wellness Center for a Shirodhara treatment . I have never been there, nor have I ever had a Shirodhara, but have been wanting to experience it. I decided to book a complimentary treatment with the Shirodhara and scheduled an Ayurvedic facial with Jodi.

Upon entering the Sanctuary, it felt like I was visiting a friend at their home. It was calm, quiet and inviting. The facial & Shirodhara treatment was absolutely heavenly. But it wasn’t just the treatments, it was the person giving the treatments who made the experience heavenly. Jodi has a beautiful true loving energy within her, and is aware of every little nuance & touch. I felt her true loving energy and gentle, caring nature, as she gave me the facial & Shirodhara treatments. I was transported into another realm, with the gentle East Indian music playing in the background - another detail of Jodi's thoughtfulness. She is beautiful inside and out and I would recommend everyone to experience any treatment with her at The Sanctuary. I will definitely be visiting The Sanctuary again in the near future to be given the special royal treatment with Jodi.

D.Y. March 2013
Dear beautiful Ajita, Sarah, Arya & Ryan,
Ah I'm still basking in the glow of my heavenly time at your Sanctuary! Again, thank you so much for making my stay so special, I shall be back!

Where do I begin to tell everyone how incredibly special this place is. Words do not do it justice but I'll try. I'm from Vancouver, B.C. and had the privilege of taking an Essential Oils workshop with David Crow (amazing & beyond) hosted by Ajita at her Sanctuary. To add even more bliss to my stay in California, I had the 'Ayur-Bliss' treatment which is one of Ajita's heavenly treatment packages. I know I know I'm using all these superlative words but honestly how else can I tell you what a special gift Ajita is giving to not only her community in Tustin, Santa Ana, etc. areas but extending to places (ie Vancouver) far beyond the reaches of California! The word 'love' is honestly what I felt being surrounded by the energy of her studio, Ajita herself, her fabulous staff - Sarah, Arya & Ryan. Not only did Sarah/Ryan pick me up and drop me off everyday from the hotel I was staying at, Ajita also FED me her yummy delicious nutritious food - helloooo. To say she has a big generous heart again, words do not suffice but hopefully you get the picture! As I said to Ajita, Sarah, Ryan & Aria - they have not seen the last of me!!! I will truly go back to the Sanctuary for workshops, retreats, ayurvedic treatments - I felt the whole time I was there that I was wrapped in a warm, cozy, big blanket of love love love!!!
​Jana B, November 2012
​I am at a loss without you this morning. : ) I was getting used to the royal treatment, I must confess... Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart. It was beautiful spending time with you. You are divine, in every way.

The PK was the most magical experience for me. It was extremely hard at times but oh so rewarding. You were able to gracefully and intuitively guide me through the steps of the experience so I could get the most out of it and I trusted you completely, which I think may be a difficult thing for me. You have such knowledge and understanding and intuition that it was easy to be myself and let go. Your energy is also very light (as in full of joy and humour) and at the same you are grounded. Our chats and the cooking, what fun! Thank you for letting me into your world.

There is still work for me to do, of course, but now I can see more clearly and the gift of the breath work and being in the present moment will never be forgotten. i would like to be more grounded spiritually and think that I would enjoy visiting your ashram, if that is something you encourage. I want Lila to come into the fold of understanding her gifts and her spirit as well.

Arya and Ryan were lovely and it added more grace having them with us. Both of them are so calm and loving and gentle.

With love and warm gratitude,
Linda, October 2012
​I had the PK cleansing with Ajita. I felt the cleansing effect on the toxins being removed the therapists were very sensitive, and responsive to my needs Shirodhara was one of my favorite therapies it was very uplifting, peaceful and deep experience Ajita and her staff are very kind hearted human beings. 

During my 3-day going, they were so attentive and accommodating I felt as I was cradle through the process even after the Panchakarma therapeutic process I still feel that way. I recommend this healing process PK and you will see how it will bring balance into your system and improve bodily function it also helps you sustain the process by making positive changes in lifestyle. I loved everything about it and I am looking forward to my next PK therapeutic healing process. I am so grateful is available to us in this Country.  

With much gratitude and love may GOD always bless you!
Olga, Nov 2012
​For ten years, I'd been looking for a suitable healing centre for Pancha Karma and when I met Ajita at the Sanctuary Wellness Centre I knew I'd found the right place. The sanctuary is a beautiful, safe and loving space with exquisite energy. The therapies Ajita and her team provide are calming and grounding and while the intense healing is taking place you have the support you need. They are intuitive about how they address each person's individual needs and quite quickly I understood that I was being attended to by gifted, intelligent healers. 

 It was a completely authentic and sacred experience. I feel wonderfully rejuvenated and have more evergy than I've had in years. I am so glad I made the time to do this work. I feel as though the effects of this magical experience will last for a long time. I give my highest recommendation to The Wellness Sanctuary!  
LB, October 2012
​Ajita is a beautiful angle and an amazing soul who came to my life when I was at a very low point in my life. I was inundated with many different issues life brings, all happening at the same time. The many challenges that I was facing at the same time finally starting taking a toll on my mind and body. I started having panic attacks, and I felt that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Right when I thought I was about to lose it Ajita came to my rescue, just like an angle. She immediately started me on some herbs. The different herbs that she suggested were very effective. They seem to take the edge of and I could start catching my breath again. Then the ultimate magic came when she started me on Panchakarma. I received 3 days of amazing care and attention of Panchakarma. Panchakarma was extremely effective in changing the direction of my treatment. I felt better and better every day. The massages, the oil treatment, and the diet she put me on all worked hand in hand to significantly improve my health. I feel rejuvenated and revived and am much calmer. 

Ajita is a genuine, talented and generous healer. Through her treatment she performs magic and you feel the results. She has done a great job training the people in her team. When in the Sanctuary for a treatment, you feel real and tender care from all. For years, I have been looking for a place where they offer genuine spiritual and Ayurveda treatment and I have found it in Sanctuary and Ajita. I feel very blessed to have found Ajita and I know I will be looking to her for treatment and healing of my mind and body for a long time to come.  
Teresa, October 2012
​I participated in the pancha karma treatment recently. As a psychotherapist dealing with a high stress profession and a mother of two teenagers I noticed I do not give enough time for my own emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The pancha karma process gave me the opportunity and space to focus on myself. It was an amazing soul searching experience. During the 5 days of fasting I found myself listening to my body s needs, and reflecting on my inner self s need for peace, content. My feelings were heightened, making me aware that loneliness, sadness, that arises from life experiences need attention. I wrote, painted, went on walks, internally occupied it energized me. It gave me a new sense of passion for my life. The 3 days of massages, steam and oil treatments not only nurtured my tired body but uplifted my soul. Ajita and her team of skilled practitioners provided a nurturing, safe atmosphere where I could release my emotions freely, acceptanace of my own strengths and weaknesses was a very fulfilling experience. The herbal teas were soothing and helped ease the strict food/meals regiment. 

I recommend this treatment for anyone who wants to rejuvenate and fulfill their life goals. Any one feeling defeated, this experience will give the strength to face challenges as the week of attention and focus on yourself will remind you that you do have it within you the strength, tenacity to accomplish, you may have lost it in the process of daily living and found yourself in a rut.

The energy at The Sanctuary is positive, authentic and welcoming. I am very grateful for the experience.
Sulabha (Su) Abhyankar, August 2012

​I am so grateful that I crossed paths with Ajita - what a caring, sensitive and spiritual person she is. The Pancha Karma treatment I received from her brought about such a calm, peaceful and joyful existence. I don't remember feeling this good for many many years. I have recently found joy in just being _ just being alive! I have always had a yearning for this type of spiritual holistic approach to a mentally, physically and spiritually balanced life, but was unaware that this type of treatment existed. it was purely accidentally that I stumbled upon Ajita and the the Sanctuary, but I sense this is the spark that is leading me to pursue a life filled with purpose and joy. For years I have spent many thousands of dollars maintaining a healthy and clean automobile far more than I have ever spent on health and wellness of my own being. I am now willing to make necessary changes, and take any steps to bring about a standard of excellence in this journey of life. I wake early in the morning now to begin celebrating the day. The blessing of this treatment has given me the confidence to know that I have the resources and the tools to keep my body, mind and spirit alive and well. Thank you with all my heart. 
Andy, June 2012 
​​Thanks to a great groupon, my husband and I are now signed up for 10 yoga lessons, enjoying our first class yesterday. We're close enough that we can walk to avoid the parking issue because it is tight quarters!

Very sweet feeling about this little home remodeled to be a sanctuary! We're attending the beginning yoga - I never thought almost standing still for over an hour would make me sweat so very hard! Jodi is a lovely young lady with a very soothing tone so even standing there with sweat pouring into my eyes, I was feeling very peaceful.

We're both looking forward to attending other classes and we're delighted to have such a treasure in little Tustin!

Check out their website!
Marcy, July 2011 
​Dear Ajita, my Ayurvedacharya. Thanks for the detailed description of my way to health. For your support and attention. It gave me many forces. You the real Ayurvedacharya, and I am your modest pupil.I will try to observe dinacharya and harmoniously to build a day regimen, 
I strictly follow your recommendations, and simple food, in particular to khichari that simply I adore.

My primitive English let's to me state about what tells my heart, that pleasure from a meeting with you. That Gratitude to God, for his Favour, for that, as in my life and to me is given the chance to meet the real people. The best Way to lives - to give, as it do You Ajita. 

Sincerely, with a big respect and appreciation. 
Larisa, July 2012