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Research On Ayurvedic Body Therapies
The Internet is a great source for information but can at times be daunting to zone into what one is looking for so here are some research papers and articles that we hope you will find useful for the Ayurvedic therapies that we provide at the Sanctuary . . .

Clinical Assessment of the Impact of Shirodhara with water treatment in the management of Primary Headache with associated Anxiety and Depression - Jitendra Kumar, Girish Singh, Bertrand Martin, Ram Harsh Singh (click here to read)

Shirodhara: A psycho-physiological profile in healthy volunteers - Kalpana D. Dhuri, Prashant V. Bodhe, and Ashok B. Vaidya  (click here to read)

​Ayurvedic Therapy (Shirodhara) for Insomnia: A Case Series - Sivarama Prasad Vinjamury, MD (Ayurveda), MAOM, MPH, Manjusha Vinjamury, MD (Ayurveda), MAOM, Claudia der Martirosian, PhD, and Judith Miller, MAOM (C)  (click here to read)

Effects of Ayurvedic Oil-Dripping Treatment with Sesame Oil vs. with Warm Water on Sleep: A Randomized Single-Blinded Crossover Pilot Study - Akiko Tokinobu, MMS, Takashi Yorifuji, MD, PhD, Toshihide Tsuda, MD, PhD,2 and Hiroyuki Doi, MD, PhD (click here to read)

Psychoneuroimmunologic Effects of Ayurvedic Oil-Dripping Treatment (click here to read) 

The effectiveness of ayurvedic oil-based nasal instillation (Nasya) medicines in the treatment of facial paralysis (Ardita): a systematic review. (click here to read)

Efficacy of Nasya in coma: A case study.  (click here to read)

Comparative therapeutic effects of various morphological forms of Nasya in Pratishyaya (Rhinosinusitis) with reference to nasal muco-ciliary function - Bharadwaj Atul  (click here to read)

Hypothetical evaluation of action of nasya on central nervous system (click here to read)