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I made the decision to study Ayurveda because of the impact it had made in my life. Being a psychologist, I wanted to share the healing that I had experienced through Ayurveda with my patients.

I researched many schools and Niramaya won hands down. Not only was I learning the basic foundations, but I was getting hands on training and face to face in class education.
Niramaya not only reaches you the basic foundation about healthy lifestyle and diet, but you learn the underlying theoretical understanding of what Ayurveda truly is.

Graduating through Niramaya, you will be more than prepared to educate others on healthy lifestyle, but you will learn how to spiritually help others transform their lives.

Hands down, Niramaya surpasses all other Ayurvedic schools.

Dr E.J Nov 2017
I Ayurveda called my name in a series of events that led me to The Sanctuary. As a yoga teacher/practioner, I had touched upon this sister science of yoga in my studies. Yet, I was unprepared for the transformation both physically, spiritually and mentally that I was about to encounter.

By following a daily practice of cleansing my body with constant consciousness and consistency, I found deeper wounds and fresh sources of repairing those hurts. By attending the Ayurveda classes brought by the excellent and ever expanding staff, I discovered fascinating fellow seekers of truth I treasure. By finding sacred space, I learned to have compassion for self. In short, the Ayurveda course at The Sanctuary headed by founder, owner and instructor, Ajita Patel, improved my understanding of healing.

Not only has Ayurveda elevated my intellect, spirit and perception, but my dentist and eye doctor can attest to my oral and optical "miracle-like" improvements in a matter of weeks.

CJ Nov 2017
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Sarve bhavantu sukhina, Sarve santu niramaya, Sarve bhadrani pashayantu, Maa kashchid-dukhabhavbhaveta!
May all be happy. May all healthy and free from disease. May all enjoy prosperity. May none suffer

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