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Welcome To The Sanctuary
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Namaste & Warm Greetings from the Ayurvedic team at the Sanctuary!


The spring season is upon us.  This season marks the beginning of allergy season with new pollen in the air, colds and lots of mucus as the warmer temperature melts the accumulated Kapha. For many this means headache, sneezing, stuffy nose, scratchy throat and fatigue often abated only temporarily by powerful antihistamines and decongestants that often have side effects more uncomfortable than the original symptoms.


To deal with these symptoms, we invite you to a Seminar on Overcoming Allergies With Ayurveda on Saturday March 16th @ 12:30PM .  Whether you have seasonal or constant allergy to airborne irritants or foods, chemicals, plants, animals, you will want to come to this seminar to learn how to deal with the symptoms but most important get to the root cause.



  • Natural ways to boost the immune system, using food as medicine, herbs, and teas.
  • Lifestyle practices that will reduce your allergies.
  • Home remedies for the symptoms of scratchy throat, congestion, watery eyes, runny nose,colds, coughs.
  • Ayurvedic body therapies to detox.
  • Yoga and pranayam and other daily ancient practices to keep all the channels in the body clear and every system in the body working harmoniously to create a robust immunity.
Ayurvedic medicine is a comprehensive, time-tested system of medical therapies, combining nutritional counseling, herbal medicine,body therapies, internal cleansing and immune-system support. with increasing health challenges, much contradiction and confusion about what to eat and a fragmented approach to our health, Ayurveda's wisdom is needed more than ever to guide us to be healthy, happy and live to our fullest potential.
In other news, we are currently accepting students for our professional level Ayurveda Health Counselor Certification course starting in September 2019. Do look out for Open House's for this program.
Hope to see you at the Sanctuary
Dr Ajita Patel & the Ayurvedic Team @ The Sanctuary




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