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Sound baths are offered as a group class that lasts about one hour. During this time, listeners lay comfortably on a mat, blanket or other cushioned surface and relax as they listen to a succession of instruments that are designed to ignite an inner journey. The different sounds help to move listeners in to a relaxed state as the harmonic, coherent frequencies move through their bodies and through each and every cell.

The instruments used are a planetary sun gong, quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, rain stick, buffalo drum, ocean drum, rattles, chimes, bells and more. The purpose, and our collective goal, is to induce relaxation and explore personal inquiry. The gong vibrations impacts the body and its meridians. It releases blocks, reduces tension and stimulates circulation. The gong is used in both sound healing and breathwork and is a fantastic tool to help clear out the old patterns, blocks and emotions and bring in new manifestations and intentions.

The sound bath experience is about letting go and allowing the sound take you to a deeper place. Sound is the vessel and it allows you to explore and identify what a meditative state is and how it feels. Because of this, a sound bath is not only beneficial for beginners of meditation, seasoned meditators will experience just as many benefits.

    $40 (EARLY BIRD, 5 days before event)  - 
    $45 (REGULAR).   

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This is a 60-75minute laying down experience.
Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to start time.
No one will be allowed in after the class starts so please be early!
This is done laying on a wooden floor so bringing a mat or blanket is recommended. we do provide some eye 3D eye masks for the experience (on a first come) and there are some mats and bolsters available at the studio on a first serve basis.
Dress comfortably and bring appropriate layers. There are some blankets in the studio on a first serve basis.
Minimum age is 15
Refunds will be provided with a 2 day notice minus 5% processing fees

Terry Silberstein is a Certified Breathwork and Sound Healing Coach with a passion for helping others heal and grow towards their fullest potential. Terry’s training includes 6 Teacher Training Sound Practitioner Certifications, A Breathwork Certification, a 200 Hour Meditation training and a current teacher training in Kundalini Yoga.

She also knows first-hand the challenges and frustrations of those seeking deep emotional healing, for she herself was faced with overcoming trauma and P.T.S.D. at a young age. Terry’s self-healing journey has been extensive and she has used different healing modalities including Mindfulness, Meditation, Sound Healing, Energy work, Nutrional therapy, Psychotherapy, and a background 12 Step work. She has found the combination of Breathwork, Meditation and Sound Healing to be the most powerful and efficient techniques she has used for deep inner transformation.