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Yoga Poses For The Winter

It is easy to stay active during the spring and summer when the long days and warm weather encourage us to get outside.However, it’s hard to maintain these activities moving into the fall and winter; those after-work jogs are far less appealing when it is dark and chilli. Yet, the cold weather is no excuse to stop caring for your body, and the winter is the perfect time to revive or double-down on your yoga practice. 
Insights From The Sanctuary 
How Yoga Aids Weight Loss & Promotes Good Health

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, yoga has also been shown to aid weight loss. In one study,27 overweight yoga participants lost an average of 5 pounds whereas the non-yoga group gained 13 pounds. This held true even when accounting for differences in diet. Typically, HIIT is the most effective for weight loss, and the key to its effectiveness is the intensity. So how can the effectiveness of yoga — which is the converse of HIIT in terms of intensity — be explained?

Tips For Cleaning Your Yoga Mat

Ever been in class and suddenly notice your mat is a little less than fresh? Yoga does your body good by letting you sweat it all out. But extra sweat means you need to take a little extra care to keep your mat smelling and looking clean.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when caring for your hot yoga mat:
Yoga-based lifestyle reduces inflammation and risk of cardiovascular disease.
07/25/2017 - By Linda Crossley E-RYT 500

When many of us hear the word yoga, we think of the many photos we see in magazines of people in twisted, inverted positions posed in breath-taking places, such as the top of a mountain or a rock sticking out of the ocean. Not too realistic for the majority of us, both the poses and the locations!

Elevate your yoga practice with Aerial Yoga

Yoga has been around for some time now but just in case you are not familiar with the many benefits of Yoga here are just a few of the physical benefits of a yoga practice : Improved flexibility, build and tone muscle, spine protection, bone health, respiratory health, circulation health, adrenal gland regulation, increased focus, deeper sleep, and gives your immune system nice healthy boost.