Happy New Year
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  As the spring equinox greets us with the renewed freshness and enthusiasm we are reminded once again of this process of rebirth of all life.. Nature is waking up from her sleep and is getting ready to create and celebrate life. This is the time to plant seeds for what we want to grow this spring and summer and prune the last of the dead limbs and branches. How do we remove the   toxins and decay in our body?  How will we prepare the soil in our own mind and heart and what seeds of thoughts and intentions do we plant so that our actions create an abundance of joy and health? How can we support you as you recommit to your life in your pursuit of better health and more happiness?

   At the Sanctuary we offer so many tools to help, to heal and take good care of your mind, body and strengthen your spirituality.  The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda brings us magnificent ways to take the cues from nature and create perfect health. One of the most powerful tools that we have at the Sanctuary is the pancha-karma process and this is the best time for to detox completely.

   Besides our yoga classes, massages, psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Reiki services, for those that really want to transform their lives or career, Sanctuary is now offering Ayurvedic Health Counselor certification program. 

With much love and happiness…
Ajita & The Staff At The Sanctuary

Saturday March 11th @1PM
Inward Bound ~ Cam
Sunday March 12th @1PM
Sunday March 19th 2017 ~ 4 to 7PM (tea & snacks provided)
Meditation For Mindfulness ~ Megan Lurie McCarver
Saturday March 25th @ 3PM
Tea,  Amadeus & Me ~ Frances Pullin
Saturday March 25th @1PM
Soul Fest ~ Various Healers
Sunday April 2nd ~ 1 to 6PM
Hypnotherapy Training & Certification ~ Dr Elena Gabor CMHt
Weekends During March & April
High Vibrations Energy Healing ~ Helen Woo
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 11AM






ABOUT THE SANCTUARY: The Sanctuary is a complete Holistic Wellness Center and Yoga studio. We offer offer 35 Yoga classes per week, Ayurveda, Reiki, Massages and a variety of wellness workshops.

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